8 Unexpected Items You Need to Start Storing in the Fridge!


Last Updated on September 25, 2020

It turns out that you can use your fridge to store many things other than food!

Actually, your fridge is a pretty practical space where you can keep things fresh and prolong the lifespan of a wide variety of products besides common fridge items.

It might be surprising but, from cosmetics to household items, many frequently-used products do much better inside the fridge than outside of it.


Check out these 8 unexpected things you’ve probably never thought you can keep in the fridge.

8. Pillowcases

The hot summer days come with lots of sweating and discomfort, especially when you’re trying to sleep. One way to avoid the annoyance of a hot pillowcase and fall asleep easily is to seal your pillowcases in plastic bags and keep them in your fridge to cool down. Then, take one out before bedtime so that you can fall asleep comfortably.
This is one of the best tricks to beat the hot summer weather.

7. Eyeliner

Your eyeliner can do better lines if you keep it in the fridge instead of somewhere in your bathroom or bedroom. If you use eyeliner, then you may be familiar with cursing it when its point breaks as you sharpen it. Luckily, your fridge can make the eyeliner stay strong and sharp, which means easier and more effective applications. So from now on, make sure to store your eyeliner in the fridge along with the other makeup and beauty products we’re about to mention on the following pages.

6. Eye cream

The fridge is the best place to store your eye cream. The colder temperature will help boost the eye cream’s properties as well as keep it fresh.
Keeping our eye cream cool will not only help you get rid of dark circles but also reduce eye puffiness and redness. Not to mention that the feeling of applying cold cream to your skin is very satisfying and refreshing.

5. Cosmetics

Beauty products, such as lipsticks, foundation, and nail polish can meet their expiration date sooner than expected when exposed to higher or irregular temperatures that can ruin their texture and decrease their shelf life.
To prevent these products from breaking down, you should simply store them in the fridge so they can stay cool and last longer as well as keep their oils intact.

4. Metal bowls and whisks

While you’d probably never consider storing your metal bowls and whisks inside the fridge, it’ll actually deliver amazing results if you want to make the perfect whipped cream.
Simply leave the necessary equipment in the fridge before use. The low temperature has a significant influence on how good your cream will turn out since the cold equipment will help you get stiff peaks easily.

3. Photographic film

Although today’s digital world no longer needs those transparent plastic films to take pictures, there are many film photographers out there who’d appreciate this piece of information.
The degradation process of photography film can speed up if exposed to higher than room temperature. That’s why storing your photography film in the fridge is a brilliant solution to extend its life.

2. Sealed envelopes

Similar to film photography, envelopes are no longer a crucial part of our modern digital world, except for those who are into vintage stuff.
If you wish to flawlessly open a sealed envelope without causing any damage to the paper, you should simply leave the sealed envelope inside the fridge for about 3 hours or more. Perfectionists will certainly love this trick.

1. Cut flowers

Just like all the other items on this list, cut flowers can last longer if you store them in the fridge. The cold temperature will help preserve the fresh and beautiful appearance of the flowers, making them look like new to serve any decorative purposes perfectly.

Do you keep any unusual items inside your fridge? Tell us what they are and why.
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