8 Unexpected Uses for Soap You Didn’t Know Could Work!

Last Updated on July 6, 2020

Soap bars have been around for ages, it is a common household product, and even ancient Egyptians used to have a substance similar to our modern-day soap that they used for multiple purposes.

Everyone knows how to use soap for the common purpose it was created, but are you aware of the fact that there are plenty of soap hacks that are not even closer to its usual usage?

Incredibly, a simple bar of soap can have so many different uses, and we want to show you all the amazing things that can be done. Keep reading to find out eight unexpected uses for soap!

1. How to get rid of shoe odor? Soap is the answer

You have a pair of shoes that you absolutely love, but they stink so much? Well, this can easily be solved: pick up your smelly shoes and put an entire bar of soap inside each one of them.

If you have the chance, let the bar of soap in there for a whole night and take it out in the morning. To make sure this process is effective, do it between 2 to 4 times a week.

2. Make sure that your bathroom mirrors won’t get foggy

If you hate the fact that your bathroom mirrors get all foggy every single time you take a shower, you are not alone. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. All you need to do is rub a clean and dry bar of soap over the glass. There is no need to add any water as long as you use a dry cloth to get rid of leftover marks.

3. How to fix a stuck zipper

A stuck zipper can be an annoying ordeal that can get you to lose your patience, but if you have a bar of soap around, you have nothing to fear. Take the bar of soap and proceed to rub it along the stuck teeth, preferably on the backside of the zipper – this process will smooth it, and then you can start pulling it gently to see if you can get it to open.

4. Use soap to fix a squeaky door

How to fix a squeaky door, you ask? Well, by now, you know the answer. Use your magic bar of soap and rub it into the door hinges. Soap will do the same job as a top lubricant, and as a result, you won’t have to put up with the annoying sounds your door kept making. You can do the same thing to open up a stuck drawer, by rubbing some soap to the drawer’s edges.

5. Make your DIY insect repellent

Everyone who has a garden will want to protect their plants and keep mites and aphids away. Well, you can do so with a simple mixture of oil and liquid soap. Fill a cup with any vegetable oil of your choice, and then use that same cup to measure a quarter cup of liquid soap.

Mix it all and be sure to shake it well. One tablespoon of this mixture should be added to 4 cups of water to create a spray that is concentrated enough to repel the insects without damaging your plants. Use a spray bottle to save your DIY insect repellent and apply it to your plants once a week.

6. Soap is a natural remedy for mosquito bites

It is a desperate feeling to suffer the itchiness caused by a mosquito bite, but before you start scratching yourself like crazy, ask yourself: how to relieve itchiness naturally?

The answer is simpler than you imagined. Damp your soap bar and rub it onto the affected area – you will feel immediate relief, and unlike other methods, like alcohol or vinegar, soap will leave behind a pleasant smell.

7. Keep your nails clean

The dirt that accumulates under the nails can be a real bummer, especially for people who like to grow their nails. If you do activities like gardening or any other kind of dirty work, there is a chance your nails will get extra dirty, and sometimes it can be hard to get rid of said dirt.

If you want clean nails all the way, you can prevent the accumulation of dirt by using your nails to scrape on a bar of soap before you start your “dirty work.” By doing so, the soap will get under your nails, leaving no space for dirt.

8. Keep your clothes fresh and smelling nice

This is a trick all grandmothers know about, but it is not so common nowadays. You can wrap a bar of soap using a piece of fabric and place it inside your drawers to have fresh clothing at all times. Avoid that moldy smell that is so typical to drawers and let the soap act as a natural freshener that will absorb all the nasty odors.


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