8 Unexpected Uses For Tea Bags!

Last Updated on December 22, 2020

Image by jan mesaros from Pixabay Tea is one of the most ancient beverages known to mankind. Even though it seems hard to believe, our ancestors have been drinking it ever since 1,500BC. And now, since we have become aware of its various health benefits, we keep drinking all tea types. While we should be concerned about our planet and avoid tea bags as much as possible, we know they are super convenient and our only option sometimes. That’s why we bring you some good news: there is no need to throw out your tea bags right away! They can serve multiple purposes, so you can sort of “reuse” them after you are done preparing your beverage. Want to know all of our tea bag related life hacks? Then keep reading!

1. Say Goodbye To Blackheads And Acne

If you drink green tea regularly, you are probably aware of its many anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Well, you can also take advantage of these benefits and incorporate green tea into your skin routine. But how to use tea bags to fight off acne and blackheads? Open up the bags and mix the herbs inside with warm water and honey until you obtain a paste. Spread it on your face like a regular mask and remove it after 20 minutes. This mask can also be used to get rid of any facial redness that might be bothering you.

2. It Can soothe your toothache

Toothaches are an absolute nightmare, but fortunately, your used-up peppermint tea bag can help you out! The numbing and antibacterial effects present on this tea can work as a natural medicine to help you out with your toothache. Take the tea bag while it’s still warm and press it against the tooth that is hurting you. Keep pressing until the pain goes away.

3. You can use them to ease menstrual cramps

If you know about all the amazing chamomile tea benefits, you are probably sold on the idea that drinking this beverage can help out with your menstrual cramps. And this is true! But did you know that you can prepare yourself a chamomile bath that will also help you quite a lot? If you have a bathtub, try it sometime! Chamomile works wonders as a natural muscle soother, thus providing you with the help you need to ease this awful pain.


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