8 Vacuuming Mistakes That Make Your House Dirtier!

Whoever invented house chores knows that vacuuming was made especially for lazy people! It’s such a simple task that doesn’t require too many efforts—save for the annoying vacuum cleaner noise and back pain that come with it. All you have to do is move furniture and turn the vacuum on. That’s all there is to vacuuming, right?

Right?! Sorry to disappoint, but you’ve never been more wrong because even vacuuming that so many people seem to think is a dumb chore, can be done incorrectly. And when vacuuming is done wrong, instead of cleaning your floor and carpets from dirt, it can make them dirtier, and then your sacrifice (arm-work, sore back, and numb ears) will all be for nothing. Yikes!

Say no more to vacuuming mistakes that turn your house into a dump and read on to find out about eight of them.


8. Vacuuming before dusting

You may say, “Well, it’s my choice, my house,” but your argument is invalid! Because, unless you want to vacuum your entire home all over again, you will commit such a cleaning crime! When you vacuum before you dust, the dust falls on the same floor that you spent so much time vacuuming and making sure that it’s squeaky clean.

When you do the laundry, do you iron your dirty clothes before throwing them into the washing machine? Dusting after vacuuming is as chaotic as that! So, make sure to dust every corner of your house before you get to vacuuming.

7. Not cleaning the vacuum bags

Do you even remember what your vacuum cleaner bags look like? If you’ve never cleaned the bags, you now know why your house is never clean!

You need to empty the vacuum bags not only because not doing so will worsen the vacuum’s performance, but it will also put it at risk of damage from overheating. Again, cleaning the vacuum bags is just as important as cleaning out lint from your washing machine filter!

6. Vacuuming Quickly

We get it. You want to get over and done with this tiresome task as soon as possible. But, vacuuming your home too quickly shouldn’t even be considered “vacuuming,” just something messed up!

Your vacuum cleaner needs to take its sweet time to remove all the piled up dust and dirt from flat surfaces, which also equals removing allergens that might be causing you allergies. Make sure to dust all surfaces, then clean your carpets and rugs slowly and properly with your vacuum cleaner.


5. Not vacuuming in both directions

This should be a no-brainer; you push your vacuum forward and backward to clean surfaces. However, people still follow the wrong vacuuming method by using their creative ways!

You need to push your vacuum in both directions, slowly and evenly, to get rid of all the dust and dirt on the floor, furniture, and other surfaces. If you start vacuuming aimlessly or missing some spots, then why bother vacuum your house at all?!

4. Waiting for the carpets to get too dirty

If you have the habit of waiting for your home carpets and rugs to become a darker shade— all thanks to piles of dirt — before vacuuming them, then it’s about time that you stopped this horrible habit!

When you wait until you can see the dust on surfaces around your house, the damage is already done then, because the allergens have already thrived! You should vacuum all surfaces regularly and not wait until you can see the dust on your furniture or dirt under your carpets. Get to carpet cleaning, now!

3. Vacuuming whatever there is on the floor

The vacuum cleaner is a fantastic invention that has made our house cleaning more manageable, isn’t it? But that doesn’t mean that it’s just going to suck up everything that has fallen on your floor!

Broken glass and other similar objects, for example, should never be vacuumed. Such items can easily damage the vacuum cleaner by scratching its interior or getting stuck inside the hose. Make sure to remove any tiny, broken object from the floor before vacuuming.

2. Not changing the vacuum filter

Don’t just assume that your vacuum filter is invincible! Even if you own a high-efficiency HEPA filter vacuum, you need to replace the filter every two years to prevent damage to the vacuum cleaner. If you don’t, then expect to get poor performance, weird noise, and foul odor coming out of your vacuum, thanks to a clogged, worn out filter. Your vacuum itself needs some regular cleaning, so make sure to clean the filter out or replace it when your vacuum cleaner starts acting up!

1. Not Setting the vacuum to the right height

Why would you use a vacuum that is too low or too high and suffers through torturous vacuuming and imminent back pain when you can adjust the height and be comfortable? All you have to do is set the height of your vacuum according to the surfaces you clean.

For example, if you’re cleaning the floor, you need a lower vacuum, but if you’re cleaning under the sofa, make it higher. By adjusting the vacuum height, you will maximize its performance as well as clean your house comfortably. If you want to clean your house properly and avoid wasting money on vacuum repair or a new vacuum cleaner, stop making the mistakes mentioned here.

Clean your house slowly, clean out your vacuum bags, and replace the lint filter after two years or so. Also, share this list with your fellow homeowners and help make all homes less dirty!



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