9 Smart Tips That Will Make Your Laundry Day Go Easier!

Last Updated on January 16, 2020

Laundry day… just thinking about it is tiring! There is a good reason for people to hate this house chore: between getting everything into the washing machine and finally putting all the clothes in the cupboards, there are a couple of other demanding tasks such as ironing and folding that makes this whole process long and tedious.
Unfortunately, it has to be done. And considering that very few people have the money to pay a housekeeper to do all this work for them, you will probably have to do it yourself. What a bummer!

But whether you do your laundry just once a week or every other day, there are a few laundry tips and tricks that can help you make it much simpler and quicker. The sooner you learn them, the sooner you will stop feeling miserable every time you have to do the laundry. Keep reading this article to find out what those smart hacks are and start implementing them right away!

1. Split up the tasks

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Doing the laundry for an entire family can be very tough, and there is absolutely no reason for one person to do every single thing. Try to implement a fair division of tasks that includes all members of the family.

Of course, getting your kids to iron the clothes is probably not a great idea, so you might want to teach them easier things such as folding or hanging clothes to dry.

2. Use vinegar as a fabric softener


Fabric softeners are some of the most harmful household cleaning products because they contain dangerous chemicals. Vinegar is a great alternative to clean and soften the fabric, as well as to eliminate more persistent odors.

Simply pour half a cup of white vinegar along with regular detergent into your washer and watch the magic happen.

3. Sort laundry piles

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Here’s how you can improve your cleaning habits tremendously by just changing one simple routine: start organizing your laundry as soon as you take off your clothes instead of collecting them in one big pile.

Find out which type of organization works best for your family and stick with it. This might imply some experiments, since sorting your laundry by color is not always the best option (even though it is definitely the most common).

Try to sort it by weight, soil level, or details to discover what is your best option – they all have their own pros and cons, so you need to know exactly how you want to optimize each load.

4. How to wash your workout clothes


One of the cleaning habits you need to break is washing your workout clothes along with other types of clothes. While exercising, sports t-shirts absorb a great amount of sweat making them smelly and oily.

This type of fabric is highly absorbent to keep your skin as dry as possible during physical activity. That is why it is recommended to do a pre-soak with vinegar to eliminate odor and soften the fabric without damaging it – fabric softener can wear out athletic fabric and make it less absorbent.

In a large bowl with cold water add half a cup of white vinegar and submerge your workout clothes in there for an hour before washing them.

5. Make your own laundry detergent

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Switching from store-bought laundry detergent to a natural DIY product is beneficial for you on two different levels. First, it is way cheaper; and second, conventional laundry detergent is filled with harmful chemicals.

here are several natural detergent recipes available online (the most simple ones use nothing but a bar of bar soap, sodium carbonate, and borax), but you must find one that suits both the needs of your clothes and your washing machine. Using the wrong products can leave detergent buildup in the washing machine and damage it irreversibly – and we know how expensive this appliance is.

6. Use ice cubes on wrinkles

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For most people, ironing is the most boring laundry task of all. But it is strictly necessary to make your clothes look good. However, when you don’t have any shirts to wash and iron, here’s a trick you can try to eliminate wrinkles without using an iron:

Toss some ice cubes (no more than three) in the dryer together with your clothes (don’t put too many items) and run the machine on the hottest settings. As the ice cubes melt to water the steam and hot temperatures will smoothe the wrinkles and make your clothes look awesome straight out of the dryer.

7. Use coffee to revive dark colors


This cleaning tip might sound weird, but we promise you it works wonders. You can use coffee to revive your black clothes after the color fades with the successive washes. Just brew half a liter of coffee and add it to the rinse cycle in the washing machine (this should be done after washing the black clothes in a regular cycle).

8. Use lemons to brighten light colors


Lemons can work in a similar way to coffee to achieve the opposite effect and is another secret cleaning tip you should be aware of. Slice two or three lemons and place them in a bowl full of water. Boil it, turn the heat off and submerge your white clothes in the bowl for about an hour. Wash the clothes as you would normally do and dry them out in direct sunlight.

9. Buy a folding board


A folding board is not exactly a cleaning tool per se, but it can shorten the time you spend on your laundry.

This is a genius product that can be used to fold most clothing items in a precise and quick manner and is especially useful for people who have a large amount of clothing to fold at the end of every laundry day.

There are several models available on Amazon, and you can get them for as cheap as 10$. It is definitely worth the money!


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