9 Unexpected Uses Of Flour You Need To Know!

Flour can be useful way beyond baked goods!

Flour is a must-have in every kitchen. We use it to make heartwarming bread, delicious dessert recipes, and even sauces. Surprisingly, your all-purpose flour can be used all-around your house. That’s right!

Flour can serve many other non-food-related purposes to help you solve various household issues as well as hair and skin problems.

Here are 9 clever ways you can use flour to make your daily life easier.

9. Fight Acne


Need a natural and effective acne treatment? Make a simple paste of a bit of flour mixed with honey. Apply the paste gently on the affected area and don’t forget to cover it.

It’s best to leave it on your face overnight so it can rip the benefits of the flour and honey. Rinse your face in the morning and you’ll notice how the blemish has become far less noticeable/annoying.

In fact, honey has a healing benefit while flour offers the drying action. So you should preferably use this mixture only on affected areas rather than a face mask for acne.


8. Get Rid of Ants

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These teeny tiny insects are known to have a huge level of stubbornness and persuasion, so once they find a way to your home it’s quite impossible to kick them out. That’s where flour comes in handy!

As soon as you spot ants, sprinkle a thick line of flour where you think they’re coming from. Ants hate how powdery flour feels or tastes, thus they’ll do everything to avoid it, plus, it’s one of the best non-toxic (and zero-guilt) home remedies to repel ants.

7. Make Your Stainless Steel Shine


Never completely satisfied after cleaning your stainless steel appliances? Use some flour as a post-cleaning technique to make the stainless steel shine bright like a diamond.

Simply put a small amount of flour onto a dry cloth or towel and gently rub your stainless steel cookware and appliances until they beautifully sparkle.

6. Clean Playing Cards


Many of us like to well-preserve the cards of our favorite card game, but over time they can get dull and dirty. So if you want to freshen up your cool playing cards, just fill a zip lock bag with flour and toss them in it.

Shake the bag thoroughly, take the cards out, and use a dry cloth to wipe them clean. The flour will help remove any grime, oil residues, and moisture off the cards, making them look decent again.


5. Clean Copper


The best way to clean copper naturally is by using a homemade mixture of salt, flour, and white vinegar.

In a small bowl, combine equal amounts of salt and flour, then add enough white vinegar to turn the mixture into a paste. To clean a copper surface, spread the magic paste on it and let it dry, then use warm water to rinse it off. The result is shiny, clean copper.

4. Dry Shampoo

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Good news for those who have oily hair: The floor in your kitchen can perfectly serve as a natural dry shampoo! Simply apply a small amount of sifted floor to your hair to get rid of the excess oils.

Use your foundation brush to apply the flour evenly to the roots of your hair, let it sit for about half an hour, then brush your hair thoroughly to remove any flour leftovers. Your hair will gain its natural volume back and look as fresh as you want it to be.

3. Quickly Ripen Avocado


Wondering how to ripen avocados fast? The flour from your kitchen can offer an easy way to fasten the ripening process, so you can make that guacamole already.

First, you should put the avocado in a paper bag, pour enough flour to cover it and leave it for about 24 hours. When you’ll check on your avocado the next day, it should be ready to eat.

2. Cloud Dough

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Flour doesn’t seem to stop being amazingly useful, plus, it can also be fun! To make cloud dough, simply mix eight cups of flour with one cup of baby oil.

You can also add food colorings to make it more fun. It’s non-toxic and your children will enjoy molding it into different shapes.

1. Homemade Glue


Flour can also save the day when you’re crafting and glue is nowhere to be found. You can easily create a simple adhesive made from equal amounts of flour and water as a hasty solution.

Mix the flour and water until you have a smooth mixture, then use a saucepan to boil it over medium heat. Let cool and voilà!

It should be noted that this homemade glue is neither permanent nor strong, however, it’s good for children’s crafts and art projects. It can add more fun for older kids to make their own glue.

After all, flour can be literally all-purpose! Please feel free to comment if you already used flour for these purposes or if you have new ideas for using flour. We’ll be more than happy to read and get inspired by your thoughts.



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