Best Way To Patch And Repair A Drywall

Last Updated on January 18, 2021

  • Use the self-adhesive mesh patch to cover the hole.
  • Spread the spackle or lightweight joint compound generously by using a putty knife.
  • Let the joint compound dry (it can take up to 24 hours).
  • Apply another layer of the joint compound to thoroughly cover the area.
  • Sand the area when dry.
  • Touch-up the paint.

4. How to Fix Large Holes

When a hole is bigger than 4 inches, then it basically needs to be patched with a new piece of drywall. The below instructions will show you how repair a drywall with a big hole.
  • Get a pencil or marker and a carpenter’s square to draw a line that an inch or more above and below the hole.
  • Find the nearest stud with a stud finder on both sides of the hole.
  • Cut along the lines till you reach the wall studs.
  • Measure and mark a ¾ inch farther in when you reach a stud.
  • With the utility knife, score the lines and the edge of the patch should be over the stud directly.
  • Carefully, continue cutting along the lines till you remove the damaged piece of drywall.
  • Cut and install the support vertically using the drywall screws.
  • Create a drywall patch that is a 2*2” piece of drywall.
  • See if it fits the patch on the wall, it should be secure but not too snug.
  • Install the drywall patch by using a drill to secure the patch to the wall studs and the support.
  • Tape the drywall patch and seal it with self-adhesive fiberglass drywall tape.
  • Spread the joint compound over everything for a smooth, flat surface.
  • Repeat a second coat when it’s fully dry.
  • You can add a third layer if you want a very smooth drywall hole repair.
  • Wipe the entire area with a tack cloth then paint it fresh.


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