DIY Foaming Hand Soap: Recipes To Make It At Home

Foaming Hand Soap

Last Updated on January 21, 2021

Personal hygiene care is essential to maintain our health and quality of life. And washing your hands every day is an essential part of this. According to the World Health Organization, this simple act reduces by up to 40% the risk of contracting diseases such as flu, diarrhea, a stomach infection, conjunctivitis, and a sore throat. Foaming hand soap yields up to 3 times more than ordinary liquid soap and has an excellent cost-benefit. The foam soap also keeps bacteria away and prevents skin diseases. You need a specific soap dish to use it. Usually, just one press of it is sufficient for efficient hand hygiene.

1. Transform Liquid Soap Into Foam

Buy or recycle an empty pot with a pump-type dispenser. You can find plastic and glass jars in supermarkets and online stores without spending a lot. Recycle a pot of old soap. So you still save your money and avoid throwing more plastic into the environment. • Choose a firm and beautiful pot, as the idea is to use it for a long time. • Test some containers, if possible. The pump must work well, and the pot must be firm to fall to the ground without damage. • Buy a gel soap refill. Washing your hands can cause skin damage, so look for an unscented or hypoallergenic soap to prevent dryness, irritation, and itching. • Check the label. If there are alcohols, triclosan, iodine, chlorhexidine, iodophors, or chloroxylenol, it can cause allergies. • Choose a moisturizing soap, so you can also smooth the texture of your skin. • Get together all the ingredients and mix. Pour some water into the empty container, filling 1/3 of it. Then fill 1/3 more with the gel soap refill. Shake well until the two ingredients are mixed and liquid forms. Thread the cap. • It is important to add water first. Otherwise, the soap will turn into foam immediately. If you fill more than 2/3 of the pot, the soap and water mixture will overflow when you screw the pump.


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