DIY Foaming Hand Soap: Recipes To Make It At Home

Last Updated on January 21, 2021

• If the pump is not returning to its initial position, apply a little petroleum jelly to it. • Dilute the mixture enough that it passes through the pump. To do this, just clean the bottle and add more water.

2. How To Make Foaming Hand Soap With Your Favorite Fragrance

DIY foaming hand soap needs the right ingredients to be effective. You’ll need a fragrance-free liquid soap and some essential oils in addition to the empty pot and the pump-shaped dispenser. The oils will add color and smell to your foaming hand soap, as well as some beneficial health properties. • Ensure a fragrance-free soap. Otherwise, the subtle odor of essential oils will be lost. • You will find a wide variety of colors and fragrances of essential oils in supermarkets and health food stores. • According to aromatherapy practitioners, essential oils have several health benefits. Although some benefits are real, others are quite exaggerated. • Prepare an environment for making the foam soap. Choose a location with an available tap and cover the work surface with a plastic towel. If your hands are sensitive to the substances, wear gloves. Wear an apron and avoid staining your clothes. Paper towel is extremely useful for drying if the mixture spills. • Take great care with essential oils as they stain and are difficult to clean. • Mix the ingredients. Put the water in the empty soap pot, filling 1/3 of it. Fill another third with the gel soap. Now just add a little essential oil (a teaspoon), mix until smooth, and tighten the lid. • If the fragrance is weak, add another teaspoon of the essential oil. Please do not overdo it, as the oils are strong and expensive. • If desired, add natural food coloring to change the color of the foam soap. In general, making antibacterial foaming hand soap for your hands is proof that you care about your health, pocket, and the environment. Besides, of course, to the well-being of those who live with you. Now you have the autonomy to guarantee a good cleaning of your hands!


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