How to Easily Remove Different Stains from Your Clothes


Last Updated on March 2, 2020

It can be really irritating when your favorite shirt or fancy dress get stained. Sometimes, it even feels like a sort of universal conspiracy to ruin your day, especially when you don’t have enough time (or enough patience) to wash the thing off or get to the cleaners quickly.

We completely understand how terrible it can be, thus we’ve collected some of the best stain removal hacks that will help you restore any piece of clothing using simple ingredients.

Save yourself time and effort, check out these 10 easy ways to get rid of annoying spots on your favorite clothes almost instantly!

10. Ink stains

Although getting rid of ink stains seems impossible, it’s actually easier than you may think. In fact, you only need one simple ingredient that you already have at home: Milk!

Just get some from the fridge and watch that scary stain fade away in a flash. The milk works like magic when it comes to dissolving ink.

To remove ink stains from clothes, place the stained area in a bowl of milk and let it soak for about half an hour. Then, rub the stain with an old toothbrush and rinse.

9. Oily stains

Getting oily stains out of clothes can be tricky, but the solution can be simply found in salt! This one ingredient can actually absorb the oil efficiently.

To remove oily stains from fabric, you should just sprinkle some salt on the affected area and allow it to sit for a while. Next, use a toothbrush or any other soft brush to rub it.

Use a damp soft cloth to clean the stain away, and that’s it. When you get home, toss the piece of clothing into the washing machine and the stain will be seen no more.

8. A nail polish stain

If you prefer DIY manicures, then you’ve probably already had to deal with a nail polish stain on your clothes. Well, you should simply turn to your nail polish remover for help. However, the secret lies in the removal process.

This is how to remove nail polish stains from clothes:

Apply nail polish remover on the back of the stained surface while it’s placed on paper napkins, which will soak the liquid. Make sure to get new napkins as soon as the ones you’re using get soaked. Then, simply rinse with water before tossing the piece of clothing in the washing machine.

7. Bloodstains

Blood spots are some of the most stubborn stains that take too much scrubbing and tons of products to be removed, especially when they’re dry. However, hydrogen peroxide is the best stain remover when it comes to a bloody mess.

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer that reacts with the enzyme catalase found in blood, leaving only heat, oxygen, and water.

To remove blood stains, you need a quick trip to the drug store to get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3%), then the stained fabric in it. Then, rub the blood away using a spoon or your finger and rinse with hydrogen peroxide before tossing it in your washing machine.

6. Make the ring around the collar vanish

The oils and grit in our bodies can easily stain our clothes in the form of a ring around the collar. The solution? Just a few drops of shampoo can make it disappear in seconds. Here’s how:

Put a small amount of any shampoo you have (although it’s best to use a shampoo that’s made for oily hair) on the stained area and rub. Then, allow it to sit for about twenty minutes and rinse. Finally, just add it to your laundry.

5. Grass spots

This difficult types of stains can be easily removed with regular toothpaste. So, parents have no reason to get upset each time their children go out to play. The white toothpaste’s grittiness works perfectly to remove the grass stains from clothes.

All you need to do to get rid of these stains is to apply some white toothpaste on the spot, let it sit for a little while, then use a toothbrush to rub the stain away. Then, wash the clothing as usual.

4. Tea stains

A simple combination of cold water and some detergent can banish even the most persistent tea stains from your clothes. You may, however, need to let the clothing soak in cold water longer, depending on whether the spot is still wet or has dried. But this easy trick works perfectly in any case.

To get rid of tea stains, pour cold water on the affected area from the back of your clothes, then, pour a little amount of any detergent you have on it. Afterward, rub the spot and let it sit for five minutes (thirty minutes if the stain is dry) before rinsing.

3. Red wine stains

You can easily make wine stains disappear from your clothes effortlessly using a mixture of salt and baking soda.

Here’s how to remove wine stains: sprinkle baking soda on the affected area ASAP and use a cloth to tap it so the wine can get absorbed. Next, stretch the clothing over a large bowl and sprinkle some salt on it. Allow it to sit for five minutes, pour hot water on it, and then wash it in the washing machine at a temperature that the fabric can stand.

2. Candle wax stains

To get the wax from a melted candle off your clothes, you can use this old, yet effective trick that consists of using a newspaper and an iron.

Here’s how:
Put a towel on the ironing board, followed by a sheet of newspaper, then the stained fabric, and finally another sheet of newspaper as the top layer. Begin ironing exactly on top of the stain and repeat as much as necessary until the paper fully absorbs the candle wax. Finally, wash the clothing as usual.

1. Gum

Once it’s stuck on your clothes, the gum becomes almost impossible to remove. But nothing is impossible, especially if you use a combination of dish soap, glycerin, and an ice cube.

First, use the ice cube to rub the gum until it’s frozen and use a solid object to eliminate as much of it as possible. Then, apply some glycerin on it, let it sit for five minutes, and scrub off the remaining gum. Finally, rinse with water and dish soap.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to let us know how these cleaning tricks have worked for you or if you’d like to share other quick and easy cleaning tips. We’re always happy to read from you.


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