Here Are 6 Amazing Tips From Dry Cleaners To Clean Your Laundry!

Last Updated on December 28, 2020

We all want our clothes to look fresh and stay fresh after a good wash but, alas, not all clothes are made equal!

There are clothes that shouldn’t be put in the washing machine, clothes that bleed in the wash, clothes that shouldn’t be washed with bleach or need special laundry detergent, and clothes that shouldn’t be mixed with other clothes. And who hasn’t washed their favorite clothes and they emerged in a different color or size!

If you want to avoid laundry problems at all costs, why don’t you follow some tips from laundry experts, AKA dry cleaners?

And, by the way, believe it or not, dry cleaning isn’t “dry,” the process only uses other liquids than water to clean fabrics including your dry-cleaning only clothes!

On this list, you’ll find the 6 tips to wash your laundry that dry cleaners won’t tell you about!

1. Bleach is only for spots, not the whole thing


If you soak your entire shirt in water and bleach, expecting it to look whiter than it looks then prepare yourself to be very surprised. In an unpleasant way.

The bleach weakens the fibers and turns their white color into yellow.

It’s better for you to apply a small amount of chlorine bleach to remove makeup stains or grease stains on your white clothing item rather than washing your entire clothes with it.

If you’re hesitating about whether you should use bleach in the first place or don’t know how to remove makeup stains or ink from your clothes, take your precious clothes to a dry cleaner!

2. Zip your zippers

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Sometimes leaving one zip open can cost you your favorite sweater!

How? Obviously, because the sharp teeth of an open zipper of your jeans or jacket can snag on the other, more delicate clothing items and ruin them.

Moreover, washing clothes with open zippers can damage your washing machine. Simply put, if you don’t zip your zippers, some of your clothes will end up in the trash and your washer in the landfill!


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