How To Fold Clothes & Save More Space In Your Closet

how to fold clothes

Last Updated on June 2, 2021

It necessary to know how to fold clothes as everybody can relate to a messy closet in their room, clothes falling to the floor, and pairs of socks that look nothing like each other! It almost looks apocalyptic and feels like it’s an impossible task to fold and tidy up all those piles of clothes, but trust me, it’s not impossible. But first, you need to get rid of the habit of hastily stashing away your clothes, which not only hogs up too much space but also leaves the clothes wrinkled and makes you waste time with ironing. So, let me teach you how to fold clothes and save more space in your closet or drawers with some quick, useful hacks!

1. How to fold clothes: Sweaters

Bulky sweaters notoriously take the most space in the closet, so you have to follow a special technique to fold them and not only save space but also protect them from droopiness or fraying.  Follow these steps: Step 1: Place the sweater face down and fold the sleeves in the center of the sweater.  Step 2: Bring the bottom helm to the middle section of the sweater and fold it in half. Step 3: Now, turn the sweater over and store it in the drawer or closet.

2. How to fold clothes: T-Shirts

Though T-shirts seem like they won’t take up space in the closet, when you have so many of them, and you don’t fold them properly, they can take up a lot more space than sweaters. Here is how to fold T-shirts: Step 1: Put the T-shirt flat on its front, fold the arms in, touching the armpit seam. Step 2: Fold the T-shirt toward the center to make a rectangle shape. Step 3: Bring the bottom of the shirt to the top side to make the T-shirt even smaller. Step 4: Smooth out the T-shirt from any creases and place it on a shelf or drawer.

3. How to fold clothes: Jeans 

Though folding jeans or any sort of pants may seem like an obvious task, people still do it wrong, which may leave them wrinkled and take up too much space.


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