How To Make Your Apartment Look Bigger Than It Is

make your apartment look bigger

Last Updated on March 19, 2021

Not everyone has money to buy a castle. Most people need to buy a small house or small apartment in order to start living independently. But having a small house or small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t use some tricks to make your apartment look bigger than it is. In fact, there are several ways to make your 1000 square feet apartment look like it has almost double. And no, you don’t need to destroy walls and make a huge open space. Things like choosing the right furniture and decoration play a huge role when it comes to making your apartment bigger than it is. So, if you are buying a small house or already live in one, keep reading this article, as I’ll explain to you simple tricks to make your apartment look bigger than it is.

1. Shelves over bookcases

Everyone envies those mega houses with a room that looks like a library, but most of us only can get some bookcases and fill them with as many books as possible. Well, it will give your house that intellectual look, but is stealing you lots of space. Instead of bookcases, choose floating shelves. They are perfect for books and other decorations. This gives your house a modern look and that extra space you’re looking for.

2. Mirrors, mirrors on the wall will make your apartment look bigger

… which is the biggest room of them all? Well, with a mirror all rooms will look bigger than they really are. Mirror creates a depth perspective that will make your brain think that the wall doesn’t end there. This is perfect, especially if you use big mirrors with a discrete frame.

3. Every space is usable

Unlike you may think, having blank zones is definitely something you need to avoid. Nooks or hallways are a great opportunity to create the feeling of more space, especially when you “create” new interior zones with them. Hanging paintings, photographs or a good piece of furniture will make it look like it is an extra room in your “little” house.


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