How To Make Your House Smell Better: Things To Clean

Last Updated on March 22, 2021

Everyone likes to live in a house that always smells good and fresh. And for that, the house needs to be cleaned more often. Yes, cleaning your entire house is really important, yet it is one of those tasks that people tend to delay till it reaches that breaking point where you realize that you can’t live in so much mess. But you don’t need to clean your entire house every single day to have it smelling good. You can focus on some specific areas that will make a difference when you or others enter your house for the first time: the bathroom and the kitchen. So, if you’re tired of cleaning your house and you still don’t sense the smell you want, maybe you probably forget to clean some things. How to make your house smell better? I’m here to help you, so grab a pen and paper and take some notes about the things you must clean to make your house smell better.

1. How to make you house smell better: The bathroom

I think I don’t need to say how important it is to keep your bathroom always clean. It’s the place where we do the most stinky things and also where we practice our best hygiene routine. And, because of this, this is the first place where you should look for clues about what’s making your house smell bad.

2. The laundry hamper

Take into consideration that here you’ll find the entire family’s smelly clothes, from the clothes you wore to work to your kid’s sports clothes. And let’s not forget food or drink spilled, the cloth with which you wiped the muddy paws of your dog or cat, etc.  To avoid having all clothes in the same basket and piling up too much, you should consider buying a cloth organizer. This way, you can separate it by fabrics and by how dirty they are.  You should also buy some odor absorbers and throw them into the laundry hamper. This way, even if you didn’t have time to put it to wash when you wanted to, it won’t smell so bad.


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Looking for effective drain cleaners? Don’t be embarrassed; it happens to everyone, especially if you live with someone with long hair (is it you?). Avoiding chemical products is a great call because there are many ways to clear your drains without using those toxic ingredients.  To live in an eco-friendly environment, we have to start from our homes, so not why our drains? We have collected for you the best natural drain cleaners that are effective and 100% homemade.  Let’s free ourselves from the toxic chemicals! Read on to learn more. 1. Hot water and dish soap The easiest drain cleaner for your kitchen sink is dish soap and hot water because they are already there! Simply, boil 2 liters of water, then add a few tablespoons of liquid dish soap.  You can slowly pour the mixture down the sink, and for excellent results, it’s best to do this method a few times. If you are dealing with greasy clogs, then this homemade drain cleaner will work like a charm. 2. Wire coat hanger Yes, a hanger from your closet can be a great drain cleaner. Just straighter one out (leave the hook), keep a grocery bag or anything to discard your findings nearby, then use the hanger to fish out whatever is clogging your drain. Once you remove as much as you can, run hot water down the sink.  3. Vinegar and baking soda If you have vinegar and baking soda in your home, then don’t worry about clogged drains. These two ingredients can be great drain cleaners when mixed together, and the process is easy.  First, you have to clear your sink, then put down the drain ½ cup of baking soda, then add ½ cup of vinegar. Plug your drain and wait for one hour. When it is time, unplug the drain and pour boiling water till the drain is completely clear. 4. Borax, salt, and vinegar Also, an easy drain cleaner to make with ingredients that are already in your house. Go to the drain and pour ½ cup of vinegar, ¼ cup of Borax, and ¼ cup of salt, then you can start running boiling water and give it one hour to clear. Again when it’s all done, clear the entire area, including your drain, with hot tap water. 5. Salt & baking soda Mix about ½ cup of both baking soda and salt, then pour down the drain smoothly. You can let it sit for 30 minutes or overnight. The longer, the better. Once you know it’s ready, use a pot of boiling water to clean out this drain cleaner. If you feel like your drain is roughly clogged, then make sure to leave the mixture in for as long as possible. 6. Plunger Yes, the solution to your issue could be as easy as using a plunger. This method works better for kitchen sinks, so when the food gets stuck, use a plunger as soon as possible to avoid any tough clog in the future.  Make sure to empty the sink from any dishes,  fill it with warm tap water then plunge your clogged drain away. The best “drain cleaner” you use is the rubber plunger.  7. Additional tips to prevent clogged drains When the disposal is on, run cold water.Never put fruits peels, vegetable peels, oil, grease, seeds, eggshells, bones, or pits down the drain.Throw a few ice cubes in your garbage disposal for sharper blades.Put lemon peels or tiny citrus at the disposal for a fresh scent.Add a hair trap in your bathtub, shower, and bathroom sink.

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