How To Reuse Trash and Convert it into something useful

how to reuse trash

Last Updated on January 14, 2021

how to reuse trash

We’re in 2021 and people still don’t understand that we’re making more trash than we should, or. We need to change our mindset about recycling and and learn how to reuse trash. You probably buy toys for your kids, expensive ones, that you think they will like, when they would be happy with, for example, a castle made with boxes and toilet paper rolls. And when I say kid’s toy, I say toolboxes made of empty cans, a makeup box made with a shoe box, or cleaning wipes made of old T-shirts. And since I know that sometimes starting is the hardest part, I’ll give you some ideas of how to reuse 100% of your trash.

1. How to reuse trash like a shoes box to store makeup products

If every time you buy a new pair of shoes, the box ends up in the trash, let me tell you that the environment is not happy with you. A shoe box has the perfect shape and size to be the perfect place for makeup storage. This will surely help you with all those drawers filled with unorganized lipsticks, eyeliners, blushes and all women need before going out. You can even cut the upper side of the box into smaller pieces and use it to create different compartments inside your new makeup box.

2. Reuse pill bottle to make mini first-aid kits

You probably have some pill bottles in your bathroom cabinet waiting to be sent to the trash, but before you do that, I’ll give you an idea to reuse them: mini first-aid kits! Inside each bottle, you can put some bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain, and allergy relievers, and whatever more you think it’s necessary for a safer road trip, or that weekend’s camping trip you were planning for some time.

3. Reuse toilet papers rolls to organize your household and gadget cords

Toilet paper rolls are one of the most reusable items for life hacks you have at home, and you probably are sending them to trash without thinking of how to reuse trash like this and give it a second life. You can let your kids use them to build binoculars, castles, swords, crowns, etc… Or you can use them to finally organize all those household and gadget cords you have spread everywhere. Just put the cords inside the roll and you’ll see your drawers organized like you’ve never seen them before.

4. How to reuse trash like food containers for on-the-go snacks

Every time you empty a plastic food container (solid or liquid), don’t throw it in the trash. Instead, clean it very well and use it to store on-the-go snacks. Then fill it up with your favorite snacks and you got yourself the best way to carry them to wherever you go!

how to reuse trash and recycle

5. Reuse Mason Jars to organize everything

From pencils to buttons, from pantry to Legos, empty Mason jars may be used for almost everything. They’re durable, strong, and heavy, ideal to store everyday objects. You can even reuse them as a decoration jar with flowers, colored sand, or pearls.


6. Reuse cereal box to organize your desk

Just like shoe boxes have the perfect shape to become a makeup organizer, cereal boxes are perfect for you to keep your desk organized. Just cut them, line them with your favorite pattern and place your sheets, notebook, and anything else you need to be close to hand. This is a truly great life hack that anyone who works from home should try.

7. Reuse beer packaging for a drink coaster

Nothing gets women more upset than a drink stain on the table. And men tend to forget this. So, how can this problem be solved? Well, have you ever considered using beer packaging to create unique drink coasters? Probably not, because you’re not used to this kind of life hacks. But give it a try, and you’ll see how you get stain-free tables in no time.

8. Reuse old CD storage rack for containers lids storage

If you’re a millennial, you probably still have some vinyl records stored in a cd rack. But if you decide to put them inside a closet, don’t throw the rack in the trash. Instead, you can use it to keep food container lids organized and easy to reach.

9. Reuse toothbrush as a cleaning brush

If a toothbrush must be exchanged every 3 to 4 months, you’ll use 3 or 4 different toothbrushes every year. If you are a 4 person family, you’ll throw in the trash 12 to 16 toothbrushes every year! This is a lot of plastic waste you’re creating! But I’ll give you one upcycle life hack that will change that: use them as dirt scrubbers! Just because the toothbrush isn’t good to clean your teeth, that doesn’t mean that it can’ be used to clean other stuff. Especially those hard to reach and clean places, like around the bottom of sink faucets, the bottom of bottles, and rims and ridges of your bathtub.

10. Reuse plastic bags for more than going to the grocery store

You probably already use a reusable non-plastic grocery bag, and Earth thanks you for that. But plastic bags still keep appearing everywhere, even at your home. Don’t worry, because I’m going to give you some ideas in how to reuse trash types like plastic bags! You can line garbage cans with them, you can use them to separate food in the freezer, to store dirty clothes when you travel, and to store wet swimsuits after a day at the beach… Plastic bags can be used for so many things that you just need to push by your imagination and you’ll find something useful for reuse.



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