7 Creative Ideas To Use String Lights As Decorations

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Last Updated on March 23, 2021

We have always known them as Christmas lights, but recently, string lights have become a popular trend that kids, adults, and teenagers enjoy all year round. It’s a shock to me that they haven’t been popular before because they have a strong power to enhance living spaces in an impressive way. String lights come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to satisfy all tastes. They are powered by incandescent, LED, or one of the newest lighting technologies. You can use the battery-powered, solar-powered ones or those with wire. Yes, the variety of these lights is overwhelming.  Pick your favorite lights, and let us help you to create a unique style for your home.

1. Say the words of your heart

Do you like to see inspirational words around the house, like the words “dream”, “live”, and “laugh”? Or a simple cute word like the word “love” would be enough to spark joy in your heart?  No matter what message you want to keep around you, do it with the string lights and watch your thoughts shine. You only need a few nails to bring the shape of the word into reality. 

2. Brighten up your vanity

Do you have any vanity mirrors in your bedroom or your house in general? Brighten it up with some warm string lights to add a beautiful glow. You can also use some white netting bows to your string lights for a softer touch.  You can arch the lights over the mirror with the ends on the top below of your vanity. The latter will look romantic and will allow you to put on makeup flawlessly. 

3. Add a sparkle to your bedroom

Wondering what to add to your bedroom for a softer, attractive, and more romantic look? Soft light or yellow string lights! You can simply hang them from one end of the bed to the other or be creative with the location and style you want to go for. Those lights will allow you to see the bedroom in a whole new perspective that not only you will appreciate, your partner too! And by the way, these lights can flatter the way you look and hide all the imperfections and flaws effortlessly, so don’t turn off the lights when it’s time to live some magic *wink wink*.


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