7 Creative Ideas To Use String Lights As Decorations

Last Updated on March 23, 2021

4. A unique chandelier

No, you are not going to swing from the chandelier, as Sia says. Instead, you will make it look stunning and unique that all eyes will be placed on it—just utmost perfection. Update the look of the chandelier in your dining room by wrapping the string lights around it in a circular frame. This may be perfect for the Holiday season and for parties and celebrations all year round. If you like it, you can enjoy it every day!

5. The bottle of lights

You want to be more creative and create a cooler atmosphere? Insert the string lights inside a bottle. Yep, you read that right! It’s going to look like multiple colors dancing in a vase, giving a perfect vibrancy to any space.  It’s very simple: get string lights that are battery-powered with colors of your choice, insert them into the bottle, place somewhere dark, and enjoy! 

6. Lighten up your memories 

Do you have a few pictures of you and your loved ones that you don’t know where to put? You don’t need to hide them in a drawer and forget them to dust. Instead, purchase string lights that come with “laundry pins”, or you can DIY a few yourself. Hang the lights from one wall to another in a corner, then randomly add the pictures. You will be able to walk memory lane through the beautiful, soft glow. 

7. Stars in the nursery 

Bring the night sky to your baby’s room to help add magic to their imagination and beauty to their environment.  You can install a faux ceiling panel that is see-through and fill it with string lights that will be peeking through the foam board and creating the illusion of a night sky. It’s perfect for a baby or toddler’s room, but of course, you can add it to your bedroom or the office for inspiration.


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