5 Important Home Repairs You Need To Do Before Things Get Worse

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Last Updated on March 19, 2021

Do you hate doing home repairs? We do, too! This is why we find any possible way to assign them to someone else. But there is a way to avoid those home repairs, and it’s by performing routine maintenance to keep your home in check!  Some things break out of a sudden leaving us no time to deal with them, and if we are fortunate, those things start giving us a few signs first that they are soon to be useless, which buys time to do some quick repairs and save us a lot of money. Those home repairs are a must, and you need to learn them. 

1. Washer hoses

According to State Farm Insurance, up to $170 million in damages are caused every year to the United States homes because of hose failures of washing machines. To avoid this expensive home repair, it’s best to regularly inspect your washing machine hoses.  To avoid any chances of the hose kinking, make sure to keep the clearance between the back of your washing machine and the water connection 4 inches at least. 

2. The fridge’s coils

No matter how clean you are, you will always find dust, debris, and dog hair behind your fridge. All this may restrict airflow and make the fridge’s performance a bit harder, which will reduce its efficiency and shorten its lifespan.  To avoid losing your fridge or ending up throwing away spoiled food, get a refrigerator coil brush that you can found at home centers at $10, and start wiping those coils clean. However, if you own a new model, this home repair will never concern you because their coils are encased. 

3. Dryer lint

Every year, there are about 15,600 clothes dryer fires occurring in the U.S. home. The most common reason is the lint in the vent, the trap, and the area around the dryer. When you have it on, pay attention to how long it takes to dry the clothes or if the dryer is too hot when you touch it to avoid a huge home repair or, worse, dangerous fire!


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