Never Clean These 6 Household Items With Water, Ever!

Last Updated on March 23, 2021

Wait, before you start thinking about spring cleaning, you must think of all the household items you own that should not be touched with water.  Yes, not anything can be cleaned the same way, and because water is used to clean almost everything, we are here to warn you before you lose some of your precious belongings. It’s your responsibility not to reduce some of your household items’ lifespan, so close that faucet right away!  Continue reading to know the 6 household items that should never be cleaned with water.

1. Wooden furniture and hardwood floors

Most household items are made of wood, like tables, shelves, and cabinets. You can’t go around using water buckets to clean these furniture items because it will cause irreparable damage. Just think of the cup rings that are impossible to remove!  The best way to clean wooden furniture is by dusting them off and using lemon or a wood polisher to give them a good shine.

2. Leather and Suede Upholstery

If you regularly wash leather and suede furniture with water, then you are causing a forever-damage while staining the surface. Water is the enemy of leather because it leaves discolored streaks and spots on the surface of the furniture, and soon enough, it will begin to crack.  This doesn’t apply only to household items, but leather shoes and boots, too! It’s wise to use only proper leather polish to help it look clean and new while prolonging its lifespan.

3. Silk and velvet covers and drapes

Of course, there is nothing better than silk and velvet household items; they both look and feel fantastic. And yes, the reason why they are mentioned is that water is the enemy again.  However, keep these materials clean is a bit hard because water will lead to discolored spots, streaking, and shrinkage in some cases. The best solution is to use a soft brush to remove dirt or get them professionally cleaned by a drapery cleaner.

4. Silver and brassware

Nothing says you have a gorgeous home more than sparkling silver cutlery, and to maintain this reputation, you have to be very aware of the way you are cleaning them. Sure, you can use water but once in their lifetime! Regular water washing these household items can lead the protective layer to wear down, which leads to increased tarnishing overtime.


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