Never Clean These 6 Household Items With Water, Ever!

Last Updated on March 23, 2021

The same thing goes for brassware; they start losing their shine when you constantly cleaning them with water. The best way to use vinegar or formulated metal polish! 

5. Musical instruments

Are you an aspiring musician or someone who just enjoys playing some tunes whenever a chance is given? Play whatever instrument speaks to your heart; just don’t wash it with water.  if you are wondering how to clean musical instruments, then all you need to know is the vast majority of them must be kept away from water! The best way is to use brass polish to protect against any streaking or tarnishing. But if you have wooden instruùents, you just need to dust it off with a microfiber cloth.

6. Electronics and light fixtures

Perhaps it’s obvious that electricity and water never get along. Mixing these two will not be causing an issue to the household item as much as causing a major safety risk!  So, if you plan to clean your computer keyboard, TV, or any item that needs electricity, then it’s best to use a small vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, and don’t forget the wet wipes to clean the grease.


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