Smart Life Hacks That Will Make You Question Your Existence

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Last Updated on March 19, 2021

Do you often come up with some smart life hacks at the moment, and they work out perfectly? Pat yourself on the back because, my dear, you’re a genius! And even you haven’t thought about any life hack so far; you can take notes of other people’s ideas that made their lives easier! Just a random example, if you’ve always used the cutting board the same way (what other way could there be, huh? ), then you’re in for a surprise! Or, if you always forget whether or not you took your meds, there is a way to keep yourself on top of things at all times! Alright, let’s jump into this list of super special and smart life hacks that will make you question whether you’ve even been existing correctly!

1. You forget to take your meds?

We’ve all got things on our minds, so it’s normal that you’d forget whether or not you have done something. If you usually forget if you took your daily pills, you could mark each one with a specific hour or date. Example: Pill 1: 10 AM Pill 2: 4 PM Pill 3: 9 PM Just whip out your marker and start marking!

2. You forget your wallet at home

If you always forget your wallet at home, that sucks! But, it’s not entirely hopeless because you can just use your phone case instead! Stash some cash and your ID card inside your phone case, and get going!

3. You have trouble making a decision

We’ve all been there — wanting to decide on something, whether big or small, and we find ourselves in a dilemma. Well, I’ve got a fun & smart life hack for you; whenever you have trouble making a decision, flip a coin — your mind may automatically wish for one of the options more than the other. Don’t just flip and pick wherever without thinking. That’s not a smart way to go about life!

4. Does your dog get into the trash?

So your dog is bored and has decided to break into the trashcan again…excellent! Now it’s time to play a little game with your doggo: Put an empty trash can in your dog’s carte and place the real trashcan somewhere far from your dog’s reach! Your dog will start getting into the trashcan in the crate instead of the real thing, and voilà, you’ve got your dog a new toy to kill boredom!


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