The 10 Things You Need to Buy in Bulk

Last Updated on June 4, 2020

Buying these things in mass quantities won’t only be cheaper but will also save you multiple trips to the grocery store. Plus, the pennies you’ll get to save from bulk-buying instead of purchasing one unit at a time can add up faster than you may imagine, especially for the products we use too often in our homes.

Nevertheless, not every product is the right one to buy in bulk, some are better bought by the unit. That’s why we’ve collected this list of items that will certainly have a positive outcome if bought in mass quantities.

Check out the 10 things you should buy in bulk to save money and spend less time running errands.

10. Toilet Paper

This is one of those things we never notice how crucial they are until we run out of them. I guess everyone hates that moment when you’re in the toilet and you comfortably reach for the toilet paper only to find that the roll is empty.

This case can be even worse if you’re alone at home. Well, to avoid such miserable scenarios, we all should buy toilet paper in bulk. So, go to your grocery list and add a tiny ‘in mass quantities’ next to this very important item.

9. Batteries

Although you rarely include them in your shopping list, batteries are truly essential, whether you’re getting ready for the apocalypse or just don’t want your remotes to go dead on a super lazy Sunday when all you want out of life is to relax and watch TV. It’s only useful to always have some batteries stored somewhere around your home.

Think of a sudden electricity cut or your huge desire to not go run errands that day. Anyway, you can actually save money when buying them in bulk. If you take a look at Amazon, you’ll find a pack of one hundred alkaline batteries for only $0.23 per battery, compared to $0.54 per battery for a pack of eight!

8. Pasta & Rice

Every lazy person on the planet would tell you how much they appreciate pasta and rice. They’re super easy to cook as well as they’re always delicious and can be mixed with almost any other ingredient to suit every person’s taste.

Plus, pasta can last up to two years if stored in a dark cold place, while rice could last forever! So the next time you’re planning to go run some errands, don’t hesitate to buy pasta and rice in bulk. And don’t worry about carbohydrates, science has it that eating carb-rich foods regularly can help you maintain a healthy weight.

7. Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

Again, reaching for an important product only to find that it’s empty can be frustrating. And realizing that they’re no more toothpaste left can easily mess with your entire morning routine.

It’s actually the little things that can ruin your day the most, especially if you’ve just woken up. Just feel free to stock up on toothpaste while grocery shopping, and don’t forget to buy extra toothbrushes too since they should be changed every three months.

6. Light Bulbs

It’s common for light bulbs to die randomly at the most unexpected moment. So you should at the very least have a couple of extra bulbs around the house just in case. Plus, many people are afraid of the dark, especially children.

To avoid a night of stress and fright, you can simply start buying light bulbs in bulk and store them safely in your house. Remember, you’ll also be saving money. For example, you can get 24 lightbulbs for $23 instead of paying seven dollars for only 4 lightbulbs. Such deals can often be found online.

5. Soap and Shampoo

We use hygiene products frequently, so it’s only smart to buy them in bulk. Plus, they have a pretty long shelf life, so you won’t worry about them being expired any time soon.

Just make sure to store them at the appropriate temperature. Buy extra soap and shampoo and save both money and trips to the supermarket. If you use liquid soap, you may want to consider storing a large container in your bathroom so you can simply refill the little bottles whenever they’re about to get empty.

4. Cereal and Butter

The prices of cereals are getting higher as the wheat is getting pricier. But you still get yourself a very good deal and save lots of cash if you decide to buy your favorite cereals in large quantities. Just keep your focus on bigger bags. And to complete your breakfast, you may also want to start buying butter in bulk too.

Although it isn’t an expensive product, it can easily bust your budget in the long run, especially that butter has many functions around the kitchen, from cooking endless meals to making your toast tastier. Just make sure to store it in the freezer.

3. Laundry Detergent

Everything about doing laundry is annoying, from actually doing it to having to make a trip to the store to get laundry detergent. You can at least spare yourself the multiple trips to the supermarket by buying laundry detergent in larger quantities.

You’ll also save significant amounts of money over time. If you shop at Walmart, you can get a 63-count bag of laundry detergent for only $0.22 per load instead of paying $0.26 per load for the 23-count version. A very nice deal!

2. Diapers

Anyone who has a baby can tell you how quickly diapers can disappear from the box. It’s normal since they get used at a super-fast rate. Not to mention that they’re not particularly affordable or cheap.

So, it’s always a good deal to buy diapers in mass quantities. You’ll be able to save more money by investing in larger boxes, which are cheaper than buying several smaller ones. Also, you don’t want your baby to be stuck with one last dirty diaper.

1. Coffee

If you’re a coffee person, the worst thing that can happen to your day is waking up to an empty box of coffee. A morning is a sacred time when we get to gather the energy and will to move through the day as best as we can, and missing one of the most important parts of a morning routine can be a disaster.

Coffee is essential to many people but it can be pretty expensive if you tend to buy it in smaller quantities. Save both your morning and money by buying coffee in bulk, and don’t worry about its shelf life, it can last for a very long time if stored properly. Do you buy any of these products in large quantities? Or want to tell us about different items that can help other readers save more money? Please leave a comment.


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