The Most Effective Ways to Remove Stubborn Limescale!

Last Updated on December 29, 2020

How to remove limescale

4. With sandpaper

This is probably the method that requires the most effort, but it is extremely effective. It is especially useful when you need to remove a large amount of limestone from the surface of your toilet bowl. All you need is a light piece of sandpaper – all hardware stores have a wide variety of sandpaper available, so you won’t have any trouble finding these items. How to remove limescale with sandpaper: • Use the light sandpaper to rub the limescale gently (be careful not to press too hard) • When the majority of the limescale is removed, grab a fine-grain sandpaper and finish the job • Finally, clean the surface.

3. With vinegar

Vinegar is a key component in many homemade cleaning solutions, for very good reasons. Not only is it extremely efficient in removing grime, but it is also capable of eliminating some pathogenic bacteria. If you have a thin layer of limestone that you need to clean, vinegar should get the job done! How to remove limescale with vinegar: • Pour vinegar in a bowl and let it sit for a couple of hours • Grab a brush (or a sponge), dip it in the vinegar, and gently scrub the limescale until it’s all removed • Clean the surface. Additional tip: if you have limescale in your kettle, fill it up with water and vinegar (equal parts) and let it sit for about two hours. Afterward, bring the water and vinegar solution to a boil. That should be enough to banish that disgusting limescale.

2. With specialized products

Since limescale is a problem that frequently occurs in areas with hard water, the household cleaning products industry quickly developed a series of products to help consumers deal with this issue. Considering that there is a wide variety of specialized limescale removers on the market, you should carefully read the instructions of the one you have purchased and follow all the recommendations provided by the manufacturer. 5 great specialized limescale removers: • Turbo Foam’ Lime-A-Way Lime Calcium Rust Cleaner • Scrubbing Bubbles’ Fresh Gel • CLR Pro Cleaner • Ecogurus’ Limescale Remover with Apple Cider Vinegar Acid • Viakal’ Against Limescale


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