5 Essential Things to Do In Your Daily House Cleaning

Last Updated on January 20, 2021

3. Do ONE load of laundry every day

Again, if you live alone, then this will not be an issue because there won’t be a lot of dirty clothes to do daily. But when you have other people living with you, then it’s best to do one load of washing daily. No one will ever be out of clean underwear again, laundry will be easy to maintain, getting to use your best laundry detergent daily, and you will never lose your mind when there are too many clothes to fold. You don’t have to daily, once in two days will do the trick, and there goes one hard task of house cleaning that we all hate, but if you have to do it in one day you can use these tips: make laundry day effortless.

4. Put an end to paper clutter

Home bills, store mail, and school notices are a very tiny part of the actual paper clutter every house struggles with. Overnight, you will find yourself drowning in a huge pile of this clutter because that small pile will soon become a mountain of paper that is hard to manage. You need to have an effective system to control the paper clutter, and it’s by never letting it become clutter! Depending on your home situation, make sure to get rid of the paper as soon as you are done with it. Perhaps create a drawer only for important papers, you can then every day to go through it and use each one at a time. The bills get paid instantly (and remotely), the school notices can be put in a ‘kids folder’ with dates going right into your phone’s calendar, while all junk mail goes straight to the recycling bin. You will get an immense sense of satisfaction when organizing paper clutter and getting ahold of that annoying clutter.

5. Create a daily cleaning schedule (and stick to it)

By following a short, 20minute daily house cleaning routine, you will never be overwhelmed with the mess. You will decrease the number of things to do and you will feel satisfied in general. The secret? A house cleaning checklist. Take all the chores mentioned above and add them to the checklist, you can add anything else, like cooking simple meals, dishwashing instantly after the meal, cleaning the toilet, etc. This plan will work perfectly for anyone working at home or whoever has many family members to take care of.


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