This Is a List of 10 Unexpected Orange Peel Uses

Last Updated on October 2, 2020

Everybody seems to know how to peel an orange; yet, oranges are not the only fruit that needs to be peeled before it’s eaten.

However, we are going to limit ourselves, in this article, to orange peel uses alone. So: What are orange peels good for? Well, the short answer would be “many things”!

For example, you can use orange peels for teething babies, try one of those orange peel uses for hair, or you can mix orange juice and vinegar and use the resulting product as a cleaner.

All in all, the uses for the peels of this sweet citrus fruit are numerous and, in this article, we are going to inform you about 10 of those uses.

Some of the uses of this orange fruit are cleaning life hacks and some of them are hacks that are related to food. Therefore, keep reading to learn about them all in detail—you’re in for some really “orange” hacks of life. Indeed, what a fruit!

1. For Cooking


Using orange peels for cooking has long been a favored tradition among all the chefs of the world.

The reason behind this is the fact that orange peels have a strong flavor, owing to the fact that oranges belong to citrus fruits, and can make your food really stand out, be it a savory dish or a sweet dish! Those oranges aren’t just good for making a fruit salad with orange juice.

2. For Making Infused Olive Oil

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We remain with food to talk about the relationship that you can create between orange peels and olive oil.

Forget orange juice benefits for now and focus a little bit on the benefits that you can get by making some infused olive oil with orange peels.

You can use this combination with all those lovely salads that you love to give to your family. Sure, it may seem like an odd combination; you need to take our word for it.

3. For Tea


Of course, we cannot include tea on this list. This hack involves using dry oranges, so make sure that you dry some orange peels and have them ready to use for your next session of tea drinking.

All you need to do is grab your favorite cup of tea, throw in some of those dry orange peels, and add some of the tea that you have just finished brewing. Once you grab a taste of that tea, you will love it!

4. For Cleaning

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From food, we now move to cleaning. You might have not thought that you could use orange peels for cleaning purposes; however, you definitely can!

The role that orange peels play in the cleaning process is that of making things smell nice—the things you clean will end up smelling like fresh orange juice!

Therefore, next time you are preparing some kind of cleaning mixture, such as water and vinegar, make sure that you grab some orange peels and put them in that mixture.

5. For Freshening Air


One of those real-life hacks that involve making use of orange peel skins concerns preparing something with which you can make the air fresh and humid.

In order to prepare that, you need to take a pot of water and heat it; while it is doing that, grab some orange peels (you can add other spices, such as cinnamon and cloves) and throw them in.

The fumes that will start coming from the boiling pot will turn your house into a nice-smelling place. More importantly, you will be rid of the strong smell of any cooked meal from the kitchen.

6. For Repelling Cats


Now we arrive at a somewhat defensive use for orange peels. Those small peels have proved to be very powerful at repelling cats and are considered effective smells that repel cats. You can, for example, prepare a cat repellent spray (DIY style), or surround the places which you do not want the cats to reach with some orange peels. Those cats are sure to shudder at the smell (even sight) of those orange peels.

7. For Scrubbing Your Body

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If you feel that your body needs a nice scrub, some orange peels might be just what you need for that. You see, you can do more than just juicing oranges with peels—grab those peels and keep them in a nice place.

If you have a body scrub mixture that you like to use, make sure that you take some orange peels, ground them, and add them to that mixture. Next time you plan a bath, take some freshly squeezed orange juice, prepare your body scrub, and get to scrubbing. 😉

8. For Starting a Fire


This one might sound unconventional to you, but you need to read through until the end for the full picture. A lot of people would normally wonder of orange peels are nutritional; no one, on the other hand, would wonder if orange peels are flammable.

Well, they are flammable! Therefore, if you want to start a fire, you can take an orange peel and put some fire to it. Believe us, it will ignite!

9. For Removing Smell from Garbage


A garbage can is a place that wouldn’t seem natural without a foul smell; however, with some orange peels, we intend to do just that! The process is very simple, really.

Take the peels of that sweet citrus fruit and throw them into the garbage can. They will act as a deodorizer for your trash, meaning that your trash won’t smell as bad it normally does. Isn’t this an awesome orange peel use?

10. For Repelling Bugs

Finally, we are going to talk about repelling bugs. One of the many orange peels uses is that of a repellent! If you suffer from bugs in your house, such as ants crawling up your walls and mosquitoes wreaking havoc upon your skin, you can use orange peels to solve the problem.

They act as natural ant repellent or flea repellent. Those bugs would know what hit them! Think about it: The Orange Juice Nutritional Ant Repellent. Awesome, right!!

It is indeed awesome that we can use orange peels for a number of things around the house. Make sure that you put the things that you read about in this article to good use, and tell us in the comments how things work out for you. We would love to know!


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