Top 10 Incredible Space-saving Design Ideas

Last Updated on December 30, 2020

There is nothing like entering a new house (bought or rented) and decorating it from scratch according to what you have always dreamed of. And there are several styles of decoration that you can adopt, from the most Provençal style to the most Modern and Futuristic style. The most important thing is that all the elements of the house meet your personal tastes and preferences. Besides the decoration style, you should make the most of the home interior design with good air circulation and a comfortable environment in mind.
Here are 10 incredible design ideas that will completely transform the decor and beautification of your interior, with space-saving in mind.

10. Ditch All the Stuff that’s Taking Up Space

Before you start working on the interior design of your home, it is essential that you start by getting rid of all the junk that is taking up unnecessary space. And there are several examples of this, such as the souvenirs from your travels, the vases with the decoration magazines next to the sofa, or the lists of things to do that are posted on the walls, among other disposable objects.
Usually, these kinds of things have a special meaning and that is why it is very difficult for you to let go of them. However, in doing so, you will be opening a new space for combining/harmonizing all the decorative elements you want to use.

9. Surrender to the Power of Mirrored Furniture and Glass Furniture

One of the most important tricks to make the interior space of a given room wider is to use mirrored furniture in its composition and decoration. The use of this type of furniture contributes a lot to a feeling of depth, which makes the respective room look clearer and more spacious.

In addition, you can and should use any type of glass furniture to decorate smaller, closed spaces. So if your house has a room with reduced areas, just use and abuse glass surfaces to make the space lighter and airier. But be careful not to use too many mirrors in the room you want to decorate so you don’t run the risk of turning this space into an authentic dance studio.


8. Space-Saving Furniture? Yes, please!

Nowadays, the maxim that “less is more” is still in fashion and is widely used in the composition and decoration of spaces. 

You should avoid using huge sofas or oversized decor or art pieces to fill an interior space in your home. This will only make the room look heavier and make the passage and movement of people more difficult.
It is preferable to use space-saving furniture to make the room more spacious, functional, and simplistic. 
Don’t forget: Few decorative objects can make any room in the house look more harmonious and complete.

7. Have You Heard of Multi-functional Sofas?

If you want to save space in your living room, then you should consider purchasing a multi-functional sofa.

This accessory looks great with the other decorative elements in the living room and provides plenty of storage space if it has attached storage drawers. Also, you can open it and make your bed there, for example.

6. Use Cabinets Frequently

If using a multi-functional sofa does not provide you with the storage space you need, then use cabinets.

There are several types of cabinets on the furniture market that you can choose from to equip a particular room in the house. Pick one that matches the rest of the decor and the color of the walls, and use it to hide everything that you want out of sight.

5. Be Aware that Curtains Are Central Decoration Elements

Curtains are one of the central elements in the composition, decoration, and harmonization of a given space. Therefore, if you want to make the most of the space in a particular room, it is essential that you use lightweight curtains.

The use of light-colored curtains will make a room wider, clearer, and brighter. Plus, it makes the room’s atmosphere more pleasant in any season.

4. Wall Murals – Do You Identify Yourself with This Concept?

Wall murals are one of the most used and appreciated decorative objects in interior decoration. This is because they help create incredible scenarios that value and beautify any room. You can choose to use light wall colors to visually expand a certain space and create a unique and wonderful decoration.

If you have young children, use wall murals with cartoons or your kids’ favorite superheroes to decorate the bedroom walls. Thus, they will feel that they have the most spectacular room ever and will always feel special and cherished.

3. Always Go for Light Tones on Your Walls

The use of light tones on the walls is one of the most used decoration techniques by people who want to have a feeling of greater interior space in one or several rooms of the house.

That way, if your home’s rooms are small, you should use and abuse this fantastic trick of illusion because, in the end, your home will look much bigger and with better natural lighting.  

2. Light Your House Up

Since we are talking about interior lighting, it is essential that you take care of the natural and artificial lighting of your home. In that sense, let your home be invaded by the sun’s rays whenever possible.

In addition, use all types of wall chandeliers, table lamps, among other types of lights or LED spotlights that best illuminate the rooms. The idea is simple: the more light you use in the composition and decoration of a given space, the wider and more visible it will become.

1. Don’t Forget to Work on the Ceilings of the House

To make your house look larger, work on the ceilings by adding decorative panels or light colors that expand your visual field.

There are people who choose to paint the ceilings with lighter colors than those found on the walls so that the focal point of the people who enter that same space is broader and more diverse. Be careful when combining colors because red walls don’t match blue ceilings at all. Always choose light colors that create a feeling of harmony and peace.

These were the 10 incredible design ideas for you to make the most of your space and help you get inspired to build or remodel the home of your dreams…without running out of space and storage.



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