Top 10 Surprising Yet Common Uses Of Chocolate

Last Updated on May 7, 2020

Chocolate, who doesn’t love it? It’s a favorite within the population. It’s sweet, tasteful, and cheap, which makes it an excellent gift for different occasions. However, chocolate shouldn’t be seen as unhealthy caloric food since it has a lot more benefits than you might think.

Of course, it shouldn’t be eaten in large quantities every single day. Still, if you eat chocolate moderately, especially chocolate with high amounts of cocoa, you’ll notice a lot of health benefits of chocolate mainly on your brain, skin, and heart. So, keep reading to find out some of the uses and benefits of chocolate in your daily life.

1. Fighting tooth decay

What are the benefits of dark chocolate? Well, although dentists won’t support your decision to eat sweets in general since it can ruin your teeth, dark chocolate is an exception. Yes, compared to normal chocolate, it’s not as sweet, and for some people, not as tasty, however, dark chocolate can work better than fluoride!

It’s known to protect our teeth from cavities and future tooth decay. You don’t need to wash your teeth with chocolate. After all, most of us enjoy feeling like our mouth is fresh and clean, and having the constant taste of chocolate might be a little bit nauseating. Eat one square a day, and that will be enough to maintain good oral health.

2. It helps lowering blood pressure

If you ever thought about chocolate as unhealthy, think again because cocoa and chocolate (mostly dark chocolate) contain polyphenols that are known to help lower blood pressure, reducing possible heart attacks or strokes. Again, you should always be careful about how much you eat it, not too much or too little.

3. Helps with cholesterol

Suffering from high cholesterol? Thinking you must give up on all sweets, including chocolate? Well, maybe not!

Chocolate has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, that’s because of flavonoids, which are also present in red wine, for example. You should always pick the chocolate with the highest cocoa percentage, which is usually dark chocolate.

4. Need a brain boost? Eat some chocolate

If you’re trying to study late at night, but you’re just too tired and sleepy to continue, you could probably use some extra focus and a boost of energy, so don’t feel bad about grabbing some chocolate and eat it!

After all, flavanol is known to boost blood circulation on your brain, which will help you think clearer and get things done faster since you’re way more focused. Who said chocolate is bad at all?

5. You can use it as Perfume

If you enjoy sweet perfumes and love chocolate, then you’re in luck! Chocolate is usually used to create perfumes, normally mixing cocoa with cinnamon and ginger is an excellent option for some perfumes.

Cocoa can also be used as a primary ingredient making the chocolate smell a lot stronger. The good news is, perfume can be made at home with a lot of ingredients we already possess, it’s a great and fun activity you can do, so try all possible combinations until you’re happy with the smell!

6. Can be used for fake blood

From low-budget movies to Hollywood’s most famous films, chocolate syrup as been used many times as fake blood!

If you’re making a movie or you want to prank your friend, all you need is chocolate syrup, some red food coloring, and of course, excellent acting skills!

7. It nourishes your skin

If you suffer from constant breakouts, or you’re simply interested in obtaining smooth glowing skin, try eating some chocolate from time to time. You can substitute all of your skincare products with just chocolate.

You can either eat it or/and apply it to your face and then eat it! You probably already heard of cocoa butter, and you’re probably wondering: “Wait, is cocoa butter good for skin?”Yes, it is! Not only is it edible, but smells like cocoa as well, so having a face mask that not only smells great but it’s also edible? Where do I sign up? And the results? A glowing, hydrated clear skin.

8. It protects you against UV rays

Even though you should always apply sunscreen on your face and body, eating chocolate might be a great way for your body to develop enough defenses to fight harmful UV rays by itself.

Of course, your skin won’t be immune to the sun, you’ll still burn if you don’t use sunscreen, but if you usually eat dark chocolate and forget your sunscreen, for example, you’ll be safer than someone who doesn’t eat chocolate as frequently. Chocolate and skin are BFFs!

9. Chocolate is used in Spa Treatments

These chocolate benefits are well-known in the beauty industry, that’s why you can find at least one chocolate spa in your city that uses cocoa for skin and beauty treatments. From cocoa bean polish to chocolate mil baths, there’s a whole new beauty world revolving around chocolate, and we love it!

10. Overall lifting your mood

While eating and using food as a coping mechanism is not healthy and can turn into a series of bad events, if you’re feeling sad, or in need of energy, a little bit of chocolate won’t hurt you.

Chocolate improves circulation on your body and brain, making you feel more active and “awake,” which is the opposite, you might feel when you’re sad. So you’ll feel instantly better! But be careful and don’t eat the whole package!

Remember, everything is safe and healthy within the right quantities. Now that you’re aware of what chocolate is used for or can be used for, we sure hope you start looking at chocolate from a different perspective.

Even if you’re dieting or you don’t even like chocolate, eating a little bit every week won’t hurt you, it will only help your body and mind’s health. Try eating a piece of dark chocolate for a week and see if you notice any change in your brain, body, and overall mood. The results might make you want to do it again the next week, the week after, and maybe forever!


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