5 Surprising Ways To Use Fruit Peels

Last Updated on January 19, 2021

Happy new year, everyone! Today we are going to take a look at fruit peels life hacks, It has been quite a long, boring year, and we all hope that this New Year will be interesting. But if you ask for my opinion, I would say life is too short to spend it hoping. Instead, you can move your a***s from that sofa and head right to the kitchen! you have no excuse to miss this! So, are you in? How about being a little bit creative with your fruit peels? What to do with fruit peels, you may ask? Well, my dears, fruit peels don’t always belong to the bin.

Fruit peels have many benefits and use that could make your life a lot easier or even happier. And I’d love to share with you some interesting ones today! So peel it, but don’t throw it.😉

1. Rub That Avocado Peel On Your Face

Want glowing, younger-looking skin in no time? Rub avocado peel on your face. Want flawless, baby soft skin? Again, rub avocado peel. Surprised? Don’t be! Avocado is highly rich in healthy fats and has powerful health benefits, and I’m sure you are fully aware of that! However, what you probably don’t know is that avocado peel has 2 times more antioxidants and vitamins than the flesh. So throwing it in the trash bin is a real loss! Don’t you think? So, next time you’re enjoying this yummy and unique fruit, you’d better benefit from its peels.

How to use avocado peel? It’s enough to gently rub the fleshy part of an avocado peel on your face and give your skin a boost. Avocado peel unlike any other fruit peels can lift away old skin cells, soothe inflammation, and stimulate collagen production.

2. Greasy Messes? Use Juiced Lemon Halves

Doing the cleaning and all the other house chores is a struggle. But the hardest part of it is when you try to clean stubborn, greasy surfaces. I know you can relate. But how about if I say that I have something that can help? Abra Cadabra!!! Juiced lemon halves are all you need! How to use it? Easy peasy… you just have to sprinkle the greasy surface with some salt or, even better, baking soda, and then grab the juiced lemon halves and start rubbing. You will be impressed! Give it a try, but be extra careful when using lemon on sensitive surfaces like marble.

3. Banana Peel To Polish Shoes

Who doesn’t love bananas!! A necessary addition to any yummy smoothie. And that’s not everything we are still talking about fruit peels so… Banana peels are a 100% natural shoe polish. What?? Well, yes, it turned out that banana peels can be used in such a useful way. It can make your shoe look brand new and all shiny. So next time you’ve got to the bottom of shoe polish, you know well what to do! How to use it? Grab a banana peel, and then rub it on your shoes. You can use a soft cloth to get rid of any residue. And voilà, you are ready to hit the town with your fruity, fresh, polished shoes!

4. Apple peels to sweeten your tea

Had a long day at work? Or simply tired, stressed, and need a breather? How about a cup of apple peel tea. Never tried it before? Well, I believe you should because you will love it. Adding these fruit peels to your tea during this winter season is all you need to stay healthy and improve your mood. How to make it? You can just add apple peels to a cup of black or green tea, or you can do without the tea leaves and simply simmer organic apple peels in a saucepan of water for about 5-10 minutes.


Not only will you feel amazing, but your kitchen too! Now I want you to sit back, relax, put your feet up, and sip on this yummy hot cup of apple peel tea. Enjoy!!

5. Orange Peels For Quick Weight Loss

Losing weight is never easy! It requires a lot of patience and, of course, determination. Plus going to the gym regularly is not always an option for everyone. If this is your case, worry not! The struggle is over, and I mean it. Many studies have shown that some teas can do magic when enhancing weight loss and fighting belly fat. And making tea with orange peels can solve many of your weight-related woes. How to make it? All you need is water and orange peels.

  • Let them brew for some time until the water comes to a boil.
  • Turn off the flame
  • Cover the tea
  • Let the orange peels steep for about 10 minutes.

I really hope you find this useful, and if you like this article you may find uses for vegetable peels interesting. please let me know in the comment section below if you have tried anything I’ve shared above. See you next time!



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